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Front Suspension Bushing

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During my last MoT I was advised to replace some cracking suspension bushes and top ball joint gaiters.  I am taking the time this winter to overhaul the whole front suspension and am thinking of poly-bushes after reading the forum.  I have read threads like https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/77819-front-suspension-overhaul-lower-arm-removal/&do=findComment&comment=733352 but still have some questions:

1.  Do the upper and lower poly bushes need reaming or are they just a really tight push fit onto the chassis pins.

2.  I presume that the original steel/bronze bushing is still used for the trunnion connection unless an oilite bush is used

3.  Is there a poly bush for the top ball joint gaiter or is rubber just fine

4.  if I need to buy some reamers what approximate sizes should I get/hire.  I seem to recall 5/8 being mentioned.

Many thanks,



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I use the standard steel/nylon bushes on both top and bottom wishbones on my TR3 and Superpro on the tops of my TR4. It’s been suggested that the steel/nylon bushes used on the top fulcrum makes the suspension harsh but I can’t tell the difference in driving. Superpro are more compliant if your suspension towers aren’t aligned as well as they might be.
Use quality top ball joints from Amsteer; fit and forget apart from a squirt of grease ever now and then.

Standard or Oilite bushes for the trunnions, I’ve found that whatever you use needs a lick with a reamer to get a nice fit. 

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