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Headlight and front valance panels

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 Hi everyone first post of the year so happy new year to everybody I’ve got to replace the headlamp and  front valance  panels headlamp panel is the original   Valance panel is new  does the panels fit inside the inner wings or the outside should they be welded in place or left just bolted in .  I’m thinking that the start position should be to fix the headlamp surround at the top onto the inner wings and then work from there is this a good place to start  when I took it apart it was all welded in place you could not tell  which was winging which was panel any help would be quite be appreciated kind regards John 


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John.....Looks good so far....replace the rhs front body mount...and the left one repaired.

First of all, the body should be correctly bolted to the chassis [assuming it is straight and not twisted] prior to any panel replacement, preferable have the chassis perfectly level, otherwise mal alignment of panels will occur.

All replacement panels are welded on...This needs to be done in the correct sequence.

Tack weld, or similar, the the headlight panel to the inner wings.

The bonnet is now temporarily fitted to ensure the gaps between the bonnet edges and the inner wings are correct....also check the gap between the rear bonnet edge to the scuttle panel.

Check that the headlight panel and the front/top of the inner wings are level....this must be done otherwise all the subsequent panels will not fit correctly. 

Temporarily fit the lower valance to the head light panel...check that the grill will fit in place.

Temp fit both front wings.

Next the tricky bit.

I suggest get to this stage first, then get back to us with pics for further advice.


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Thanks for your reply malbaby body is now on chassis but not bolted on yet looks like i got a lot of work to do before I can get these bits back in place will keep posting with progress thanks again John 

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Always use the chassis as your jig before any body shell repairs as thats what its got to fit to in the end. Get the chassis up on stands and level it front to back and side then fit the shell and level it the same using the selection of rubber mounts included in the mounting kit. Once securely bolted down then you can fit that front panel, I assemble the top and bottom sections, spot wel them together and then fit to the front of the inner wings, the lower valance is on the outside of the inner wings and the upper section is on the inside above it. You can easily bend the tops of the inner wings to get the bonnet gap correct after. Also dont forget to use the front grille to check alignment of everything including the wings.



jeffstr5 008.jpg

jeffstr5 007.jpg

jeffstr5 011.jpg

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28 minutes ago, John h said:

Good pictures Stuart i think I will have to do a little back tracking many thanks John 

The pictures are from a TR5 but the same principles apply. You just dont have the vent hole in the lower valance.


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John....Have the sills been replaced recently?

One of a restorer's problem is that the panel gaps of the cars have probably changed over the years since they left the factory. Even from the factory the gaps may have not been perfect.

In this case my preference would be to temp fit the front and rear wings and doors starting from the rear, as the tail light fitment, hence the rear wing, is the only FIXED panel.

Even if you welded in the front headlight panel and lower valance to their original? spots, there is no guarantee that the front wings will fit perfectly together with nice panel/door gaps......Different scenario if all panel/door gaps were known to be perfect before the restoration commenced, as with Stuart's car.

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Hi malbaby yes sills have been replaced as have the backs of B posts A posts one of the inner front wings wheel arch and foot well.  I’ve had the wings and doors on and off many times .All seams to line up okay in fact I did the outer sills twice because i was not happy with the lines .Been on the project about 4 years now got a little bogged down on the body work but feel like the end is in sight now. Thanks again for your input.    John 

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Hi John,

These are a few of the modifications that I have done to the body during the restoration of my 4A, that will have a Triumph 6cyl fitted.

pic 1...fabricated and plug welded infill panels between the inner wings and the front valance...they made a tremendous difference to the rigidity of the front valance.

pic 2...deleted the top holes in the headlight [upper valence] panel and modified the outside curve to fit the front wing better.

pic 3...modified the curved shape of the front wing to one piece, instead of having the small seperate piece bolt in...this was only done after the front wings and the front valance were in their final position.

Also enlarged the inner wing indent to accomodate either EFI or triple webers.





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