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This is my first shot on this forum. I have a 1960 TR3A.

This is a problem that I assume you have all sorted by now but this subject came up this week at a small get together.

It was raining and I made the comment that I had a theory on why an original hood did not leak. This observation was made based on the hood fitted to one of our members TR3A which he has had since new. This related to a flap that was sewn across the front of the hood under the leading edge. I think this related to a TS option?

Of the six TRs there, there were three different versions of this flap and they all leaked.

Question. Are hoods with this option available?


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If you search the forum back to about 2011 you will find a number of threads on this subject.  One that I remember in particular was a Youtube video made by someone in the US that showed him fitting a hood supplied by a company called Robbins.  It came complete with the flap you mention and he cut it off!  (From about 8 minutes on in the video below)

FWIW, my hood, which was custom made by a company in Ivybridge, Devon doesn't have the flap, instead it has a sort of double seal, and it works. it is completely waterproof at the front.

Rgds Ian

Installing a Robbins Hood

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Watched that video but you cant see any details of the flap he cut off. I bet it leaked. Interestingly the member here with the original hood also has a Robbins hood from the USA and it is the same as the original one. May try them and see if they still supply them. I will also investigate if my hood can be upgraded.

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