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TR6 Tyre Selection

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Hi Folks

Resto 80% complete, my standard steel wheels have returned from the paint shop and are ready for tyres. My car is a late 72 LHD conversion. I've read some info regarding suitable tyres, my initial thoughts is to go for 195/65/15 but 205/65/15 will give a nice look regards stance. I'm not going for a concourse car so I don't need to keep with the original set up. Apricate feed back of anyone that has tried the slightly wider tyre and what impact it has on the weight of steering, issues with contact with body etc.

Kind Regards Rich

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I had 205's until 4 years ago, the handling was average and steering was bearable even when parking but I replaced them with 195/65/15 Pirelli P6's and there was a  vast improvement in handling and parking was easier . I wouldn't go back to wider section tyres.

I had no issues with body contact with the 205's  other than I had to fit  Revington steering lock limiters.

The 195/65/15 is a common and relatively cheap tyre in Australia which is an important consideration as I have to replace tyres due to age and not mileage - I don't want to be tempted to hang on to old tyres because of replacement cost.

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Hi Paul,


I purchased a TR6 in Oct 2021 from those great people at Enginuity, Acton. 

The car has 195/65 15" Yokohama's fitted . They look good and fill the arches well. Handling is bit hard when parking ,but I'm getting use to that. Otherwise they are fine. I am trying a bit more than the manual says due to size and that has helped. Any other owners advice would be appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the car like I am in Kent.



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Hi Paul,

On a stock 5.5j pressed steel wheel, a 195/65/15 is a great tyre size and will mean speedo accuracy is not too far out. Any wider than this tyre on a 5.5j rim, means the tyre over spills the rim, meaning you will get quite a bit of tyre flex, in particular whilst cornering.

On a 6j or 7j, a 205/60/15 is fine.

Uniroyal Rain Sport is an excellent tyre choice in a 195/65/15, and expect to pay circa £70GBP a tyre fully inclusive (fitting, etc).



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This is one of those topics..  you will get a lot of answers roughly split between the >=195 crew and the <195 crew.

Overall we all lack data on driving the same car with new tyres of each size in a range of road conditions including doing stopping distance tests to really work out which is correct.

I think the only thing we can be truly certain of is that narrower tyres certainly lighten the steering and wider tyres make it heavier (Saying that my sister managed my car on the round britain run twice with 195s and didn't complain too much :-)

For the record I run 195 yokohamas, If I chose now I would the uniroyal rainsports as I fitted them to my MG midget which has a 150 BHP K series engine and it made a HUGE difference (it tries to kill me less on damp corners now :-). One thing I do consider is that orginal size tyres are more expensive which may make me less likely to renew when they are past their sell by date and one thing I have experienced is old tyres having a lot less grip even when they have lots of tread. 

The 195s on the TR have been great on 2 RBRRs and 1 10CR (including icy alpine passes). This includes some spirited runs at Spa. I haven't run out of grip (but I probably don't push it as much as others) but they do handle the torque from the supercharged engine I have. 

Interestingly I chose to put uniroyal rainmaster 185s on my newly acquired Rover V8 powered Stag.. In some ways this makes now sense as it is heavier and perhaps more powerful than the TR. but hey who said we were a logical species.. I have yet to drive it so lets see how it feels.


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