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TR6 Dash top crash pad

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Hi Folks

Bought a new dash top crash pad and tried to install and failed. I used trim/carpet contact adhesive but by the nature of the name it sticks at soon as it touches the opposite surface which has proved to be a nightmare as I couldn't get the vent holes and bolt holes to align prior to contact but the top and front had already made contact. 2 hours later after removing all the adhesive I'm ready to go again but I need a adhesive that doesn't instantly set so I have time to position correctly. Has anyone suggestions of a suitable "glue" that will be suitable that will allow sum movement prior to "going off"

Regards Rich

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Hi Paul,

I'm sure you will get an assortment or replies.

My method on the TR4 & 4A is to position  the crash pad where you want it without the adhesive. Then sparingly attach it  with the adhesive.

You should need to glue the centre down that much - concentrate around the edges.

PS - make sure that the crash pad sits nicely over that captive nuts along the rear edge. I had to remove some foam on mine.


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Hi Roger

Thanks for the prompt reply, did you use a contact adhesive or a silicone type of sealant that will "go off" slower? I have some Gorilla adhesive cartridge type and according to the instructions goes off after 10 minutes or so. Thanks and Regards


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You only need glue along the rear edge under the scuttle panel. The screen frame, the demist vents and the ashtray hold it down quite sufficiently.


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