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Christmas Wishes

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Great idea and better than Christmas cards. 

Happy Christmas everyone

hope to see you in 2022

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Happy Christmas everyone !

here’s my ChrisTRmas photo offering, when i left the 6 on the drive and it got snowed upon a few years ago !




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Xmas wishes echoed to one and all

Have a good time and enjoy the celebrations

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Merry Christmas from the west coast of Canada. Hope you all have a TRriffic time.

Graeme & Sue


Christmas Lights-011a-2048.jpg

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It’s a windy morning on Anglesey that woke the dogs early !!! Worse than Kids on Christmas morning :rolleyes:

have a good one everybody. 

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Season greetings from the US east coast and wishing everyone all the best for 2022 and putting this pandemic behind us. Here's my buddy's Mayflower all decked out for Xmas.



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15 minutes ago, ianc said:

Glad you and your wife are getting over the plague, but wasn't aware that dogs could get Covid - hope he/she/it is getting over it.  :angry:

Ian Cornish

Yes very much hope you fully recover swiftly and the vaccines provided some protection. 
there is some suggested evidence that pet dogs can succumb 


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