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Theyre a better fit but be careful with choice of rubber as some are too thick.

If your car is pre 60K and has the Dzus fittings then no rubber as the stanchion plates screw straight on to the bulkhead though a smear of non setting windscreen sealer or DumDum does help.

With post 60 screw on then yes you could use a rubber but it would need to be very thin or its not going to fit.


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With my screw on screen stantions I glued on some rubber gaskets made from an old bike inner tube. 
as I am constantly removing the screen to race with Aeros 

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I slacken the 6 (3each side) stanchion to screen screws one full turn before undoing the stanchion to body fixings.   Once refitted to the body just retighten those 6 screws.   Allows a bit of slop between stanchion and body.

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Two thicknesses of flat glazing strip are offered here.


I have recently used the 75 mm wide strip rather than the 50 mm and found it easier to work with.

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