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Spare Engine Storage

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Hi folks

I’m after your wisdom and advice on storing a fully functioning TR3a engine long term. 

I am in the process of having an 89mm engine built and fitted so I will have,  my now spare, class winning engine to store.

I was considering spraying all the crank internals and rocker mechanism with something like a motorcycle chain lube. As it will stick long term. And fill the bores with oil ?

( I guess the best would be to submerge in a barrel of oil but that won’t be happening !!!)

over to you for real world tried and tested methods



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52 minutes ago, Hamish said:

I guess the best would be to submerge in a barrel of oil but that won’t be happening !!!

I don’t know how true the story is, but a long time ago when I worked for the USAF I met a bloke who told me he had been looking for an old 50 gallon oil drum to cut in half and make into a barbeque.

By chance he went to an airbase auction where there was a brand new sealed oil drum as one of the lots labeled as “Contents unknown”.

He bid on it and won, but when he came to put it in the back of his van it almost broke the tail lift with its weight.

Sure enough, when he got it back to his yard he drilled a hole and oil came out, but not as much as he had expected. On slicing the drum in half for his barbecue he discoed a brand new Jeep engine.

Apparently that was the way the spare engines were packed and stored.

Or is it just a tale…


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Hi Hamish,o cot

My solution was to use Outboard motor fogging oil, squirt it through plug holes and turn the engine over a few times to coat cylinder walls. also exhaust side spray to coat exhaust valves and stems.

Then remove the rockers and shaft coat that with fogging oil and wrap with cloth also coated in oil. Seal the openings with cloth and tape. This prevents the valve springs having load on for the duration also prevent damp air getting the bores.

Fill sump till it wont take any more.

Worked for me.


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Thanks guys. 
I will pick and mix the advice I think. 
but I like the idea/logic of “winterising” like an outboard. I have done that a few times in my life. 

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In the past i have used engine protection oil which carries a greater corrosion inhibitor    for the external  parts Croda Chemical do some excellent products . A cheap solution  to mix chainsaw chain oil  with engine oil  or vertical slideway oil, the tacky additive, which which used to be Paratac , gives the oil a sticky stringy properties that ensure it stays where its put .  Castrol, BP and Shell has have some  oils which provide waxy coatings  that will sty flexible  The Shell Ensis range is good place to start , BP Stemkor ( some of these have been replace after BP purchased Castrol), the solvent based ones were very good  but HSE issues have forced them out of the market . I have known people fill up the bores and forget, in one instance leading to bent conrods 

all the best 


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