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TR4 1962 brake bleeding

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Dear all

I own a TR4 1962 left hand. I am in the process trying to bleed my brake system. I replaced the master cylinder and the stop switch. As the EZEEBLEED has no adapter and the general one is not working, I bought a system working at the calliper end sucking eventually the brake fluid. But this system sucks only air. When running the system and pushing the brake pedal nothing really happens. And the brake pedal is very hard to push.

I apologise if this has already been addressed but during my browsing I did not find anything relevant.

Are there any supplemental precautions to be addressed. 

Any help is most welcome.

Pierre Jungblut


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If the pedal is hard to push, but the brakes do not move it suggests a blockage in the system somewhere.

Has the master cylinder been overhauled since the brakes last were working ?


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Thank you for your comments.

@Lebro I installed a new master cylinder recently. Unfortunately I did not drive the car since it was bought. The car seemed perfect at first sight but once home the problems started. Engine out new liners, pistons ,... and more. So I decided to change both master cylinders while redoing the engine. This afternoon used the vacuum system  and pushed the pedal. (rear left side) and I had some results. Other story on the rear right side.

@stillp please see above.

I shall check now all connections if there is leak somewhere.

Thank you again.


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If you use the vacuum system (or easybleed) there should be no need to touch the pedal.  My guess is that the master cylinder is the problem, maybe not assembled properly, maybe a blockage inside (small piece of rubber etc).

Try undoing one of the pipes coming from the cylinder, low down so you can catch the fluid. the pedal should be able to go to the floor, & push fluid out of the slackened joint, if it does, then the problem is further down the line.


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Hello Pierre,

i'm not far away from you, being in Brussels.  I own a TR4A that is also new to me and is currently being checked.  The car looks great and runs well, but basic maintenance was neglected, look at the brake fluid, i guess the "never trust the PO" statement is very true here, how on earth can you leave it like that is beyond me.   My mechanic told me that he will replace all flexible pipes, there is only one braking circuit on those cars, better safe than sorry maybe you should think about doing the same? 




Library - 2 of 2.jpeg

Library - 1 of 2.jpeg

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And when replacing the flexible pipes, don't forget the one feeding the rear brakes.

In other words, change all three flexibles.

I recommend fitting flexibles which have external steel braiding.

Ian Cornish

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