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Changing US Front Indicators to UK Spec

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I got some original UK spec lenses and want to convert my US flashers, and am planning on using some tin & rivets + some careful drilling, to make the housing so I can add a day running light.  Has anyone done this?  I tried to buy the housing but needed a mortgage so thought make do with what I have.  


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Looks doable, just need to make sure there is separation between the two light sources as per the original. 

Good luck and update us when it's done. 


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7 minutes ago, harlequin said:

Would it be possible to change the bulb holder to suit one of the dual filament led bulbs that is white but flashes amber for the indicators.


Hi George

This is a science I know little of!  So you can buy a LED bulb that can either flash orange or white??


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29 minutes ago, Mk2 Chopper said:

Yes but with the dual lens it would light up both sides or flash both sides.

Not quite sure what you mean. Obviously you would have to swap for the appropriate dual-contact holder and move the wire from the present indicator bulb to the new 'spare'  contact on the dual bulb.  Don't know whether the lamp covers are the right colour for that to work though.... 

(Sorry - thread drift from original topic). 

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You would want a clear lens I suspect not the NAS orange one.  Then you can use a dual/swapping coloured side lamp/indicator LED bulb.  White on side lamp but extinguishes when indicating and flashes orange.

This modification is becoming more common on sidescreen cars that have originally white front indicators in a lamp that is also the white front parking light.

Roger fitted tiny clear LED lamps into the red bit of his tail lamps of his TR4 to provide reversing lamps.    Lots of options …..


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There is quite a difference between the two reflectors and the orange part of the lens is seperated from the white by the divider so that there is no reflection between the two. The two different reflectors are however interchangeable and have a common base which is what I changed over when my original base was damaged.

Best of luck if you go with the twin filament LED just not sure how effective that would be, but hey ho what do I know.




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