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Hi Ron

You could pin-punch in several spots the inner faces of the sleeve if you can get at them to create a dimpled surface, or take out the pinch bolt, bend the clamp faces inwards, then reclamp, or both.

I wonder if your choke/ jet mechanism is too tight to move at the carburettor?

Is the choke stiff to operate?


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Hi Kevin,thanks for the reply, I decided to take it all apart rather than a*se about and try a quick fix of just trying to tighten the pinch bolt. On the bench I could see the ends were bent about a bit but I noticed at the front side was a slight bend in the metal (obvious now I actually looked at it properly :unsure:) which would reduce the hole to allow just the inner cable through. Blowlamp , a bit of bending, jobs a goodun.



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