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Club sprint hillclimb champs 2021 results

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Hi folks

i know some of you follow the clubs sprint and hill climb championship.

the last event of the season was castle Combe on Saturday 

and it was a deciding round for many of the top places.

the following results were shared this evening. 

2021 Champion: Len Olds

Second overall:   Nick Smith

Third overall:      Jim Giddings


Class 1, ladies and under 30s awards - no awards as not enough entrants


Class 2 - Seven entrants so three awards:


First:       Hamish Roscoe

Second:  Larry Jeram-Croft

Third:     John Weedon


Class 3 - Four entrants (as 1,2 and 3 overall are from class 3, so only one award)


First - Shaun Roche

thanks to Larry JC for taking on the coordinators role and doing a great job.


final results 2021.JPG

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It is quite amazing to me that there was only one car entered in Class 1. This class is for “standard” road going Triumphs and would suit any day to day TR. Having no history it is likely that the bogey times are easy to achieve?

Perhaps next year we will see some ladies (females) and youngsters (under 30) entering.

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Thanks Mike for your generous kind words. Trying to keep the RED ROSE group flag flying.

it all hinged in the last event - that I don’t do. 

the champion was decided there as well but the 3 contenders were racing at least. 

Very pleased with my results as we are up against some very seasoned racers- the thing is - I really enjoy it and probably just as much the “pissing about” ( as my dad used to say) in the garage. Good job really as it seems to be 90% of the sport !!!!

apart from my gear box issues ( I think I need to be more mechanically sympathetic!) the car has been brilliant. This is where I have been since I started this game properly having bought the car in 2016.

2017 2nd in class 10 overall 

2018 3rd in class 10 overall 

2019 2nd in class 7 overall 

2020 Covid year

2021 1st in class 4th overall 

Thanks for sharing this experience with practical and moral support in exchange for light weight videos the forum and wider club support is much appreciated.

roll on next year  when this ace versatile  little car will have a new heart.

you can catch up with my runs here 

along with the increasingly popular films my dad made in the 1960’s



as Roger says class 1 is for standard road cars so why not come and join us next year you can do as many or as few events as you like.

it’s just you and your car on track so no risk of a hooligan taking you off  

take care all.



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