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Marco's locking fuel cap

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Hi all

Received one of these class bits of engineering today, fits like a glove.

Would definitely recommend. 



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Having received mine from Marco in 2018, I published a recommendation in TR Action 304 (March 2018).

A simple and effective device - wouldn't be without it now.

Ian Cornish

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Hi Marco

I would be interested in a version of this for an early TR. I would buy 2 and my brother would buy one. Hope this encourages you to develop the product. Thanks for all your interesting postings. 

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2 hours ago, Z320 said:

Hi Jeremy,

it‘s yours now, so the title must be „my locking fuel cap“!

Great to hear you are pleased….

Ciao, Marco

True enough!

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Hi Keith,

the latch of the lock goes in the gap between the caps body and the petrol tank and the TR4/4A cap has very relaiable dimesions.

They are all the same and so each lock insert fits in each TR4/4A cap.

Sadly TR2-3 look the same, but their body is made of 2 parts, the upper one screwed more or less deep in the lower part.

And I know of 3 different lenghts of the lower part. This is why the lenght of the TR2-3 fuel caps differ very much.

I made some for TR2-3 - but this was never sadisfying, I had a lot of returns and hassle, the last 2 of them I gave away as presents.

This is why I don't make them anymore.

The only way for you is to swap to a TR4 fuel cap, they look the same as the TR2-3 cap.

Sorry, Marco

Edited by Z320
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Thank you Marco for your reply. I will have to find another way to keep the vandals out. Not keen to change the cap to later version. 

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