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TR4 Replacement Fuel Pump

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The fuel pump on my '64 TR4 failed recently so I obtained a replacement from Rimmer Bros. Found that the fuel outlet port on the replacement pump was on the side facing the block. The original pump outlet was facing away from the block. See photo attached.IMG_20211001_144738977_HDR.thumb.jpg.c417a8d48d31edc7b832ca078200c232.jpgIMG_20211001_144738977_HDR.thumb.jpg.c417a8d48d31edc7b832ca078200c232.jpg

The new replacement pump has an arrow showing the outlet but this  has incorrectly been fitted with an alloy bung whereas the screwed port is facing the block. I believe the outlet port and feed pipe to the carbs should face away from the block. Anyone else found this problem? Have taken up with Rimmers who are investigating with manufacturer.

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It should face the block, thats correct.




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Neil - as both Stuart and Roger have pointed out, the outlet facing the engine is correct.

Hopefully your repro pump will work well, reliably and be leak free although their reputation in this respect isn't brilliant.

If you need to change it in the future, I have a small stock of genuine AC Delco pumps, refurbished by Dave Davies, so the very best quality. 

Just PM me if of interest

Cheers Rich

PS Sorry about the upside down photos - this often happens when I upload them but don't know how to re-orientate them!

IMG_3398.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3399.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3400.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3401.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3402.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3403.JPG - Resized.JPG

IMG_3404.JPG - Resized.JPG

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