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I have an UK market TR5 that I bought about 18 months ago. It was fully restored and largely original. 

If I’ve not run the car for a couple of weeks, it takes a lot of cranking to get the it started. Once started it runs beautifully. 

Any thoughts on what this might be?

Thank you




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Hi Kishan

Presumably you have the standard Lucas Pump fitted?

On my car with the standard set up and pump, I always used to leave the ignition on for 30 seconds or so then try and start mine with full fuel enrichment (Choke lever out), it would normally fire up after the second or third turn of the key, running on 4, then 5 cylinders, I would then immediately push in the enrichment lever half way and with a bit of revving it would run on all 6 after a few seconds, I would then fully return the enrichment lever and it would idle ok after a minute or so.

There is a similar query on the TR6 Forum page and mention of the Injectors draining back fuel when left for any length of time, which could well be the problem


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