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unwanted noise TR4

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If the fan belt is OK then dynamo bearing or water pump? On mine a similar but intermittent noise was a cracked front dynamo bracket.

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Hi - welcome to the forum. Do you have a name we can use?

Try taking the fan belt off and running the engine for a short time - if the noise has disappeared then your problem is likely to be either the fan belt itself ( unlikely) or the water pump or dynamo bearings.

If you can find a pair of tights, fit them in turn around the bottom pulley and the water pump and dynamo and you should find the noise.

if the noise persists when the fan belt is removed, then my bet would be the timing chain tensioner.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Cheers Rich

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2 hours ago, fabron said:

My 4 has developed a constant ticking from the fan dynamo area, bit like a busy sewing machine as my wife says. Tempo increases from idle but does not affect performance. Very tiresome, ideas?

Yes welcome, come back to us with a non de plume, we are a very informal crowd here.

You might try narrowing the source down, by listening with a screwdriver directly on 'The Ear' and touching various parts of teh area you suspect.



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