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Triumph TR8 IMSA GTO goes to Clermont-Ferrand

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It’s an ace looking car isn’t it. 
sounds even better if that’s possible. 

was sent a link to Bernini gran turismo today. 
looks like fun.


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How did you get on? I think i saw that you had a race win?

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unfortunately I don't have any videos to offer .... my exchange video system, because the old one was broken, has probably been used before. In any case, the recording chip (CF card) was not stuck in the slot as firmly as with my old one. as a result, the chip slipped out during the race ... and was lost through the drainage hole in the floor of the car.



as an snap shot: the car was initially impossible to drive on this curvy track and i was slow. Already in spa it became clear, with a 5 second slower lap time, that something was wrong ..... I put that on my age and the slowly declining ability to drive a car fast.


in the first race the result was a miserable place in the middle of the field. so i spent the Saturday evening under the car and looked through everything ..... and found the problem. In winter I had set the rear axle dampers much stiffer to test it on the racetrack. in the months up to the first race i had totally forgotten that i had adjusted something. i put the dampers back on old settings again .... during the race on Sunday on a partly damp track.... i was able to overtake the field in the first bends and took the lead, until then about half of the race I was passed by the Lola 88 and he won the race.







after all, a respectable second place for the car. at the second race on Sunday, the Lola didn’t compete, so i was able to achieve first place. To make things a little more exciting, I dropped back to P4 at the start ... and fought my way back to the front. the Renault alpine turbo was a really tough nut to crack. professional drivers like this don't let the sausage be taken off the bread so easily.





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