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Distributor gear housing oil leak

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Hi, I have an oil leak from underneath the distributor gear housing. There I a purpose made hole, but I guess it not supposed to chuck out oil. The attached. Picture shows the hole when viewed from underneath.

I can understand there being oil in the housing for the distributor gear and metering unit. Just can’t fathom why there is a hole and why so much oil is coming out. 
Any help/advice appreciated 



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Hole was put there by the factory because when it leaks you know either the oil or the fuel seal has failed.   They are identical and are fitted back to back.
You need to fit both seals once you have removed the drive gear shaft. 

seals are 103+104. You will also need the O rings 106+116 plus gasket 109



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10 hours ago, Leigh said:

Thank you for reply, a great help. Will order the seal now. Maybe an oil free garage floor for awhile

You need both seals as its always best to do both at the same time.


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