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Afternoon all,

My 64 TR4 has recently developed a fault which I'm struggling to find. From cold, on full choke she'll start no problem but then after 10 seconds or so she drops onto two cylinders, with the front two going AWOL. That being the case I've been concentrating my efforts on the front carb (Stromberg) The carbs were rebuilt including new diaphragms on completion of the restoration so should be ok but I'm stuggling to find a fault.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Phill Hoare

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Oil in the dash pots of the carbs ? Check the diaphragm fitment ( of both) and make sure no splits, spark plug condition front 2 v rear 2 ?

Mick Richards

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Stuck needle valve in the float chamber.  mine used to do this very occasionaly, a sharp tap with the "T" key always sorted it.

(TR4 owners may have to use a small spanner etc)


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