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1958 Triumph Rally of Europe

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The Triumph TR Register Spain just published an article about the 1958 Rally of Europe. Maybe someone is interested, the article is in spanish but the google translation is pretty good, as someone from England told us.


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Those photographs, taken by an unnamed participant in the rally, appeared five years or so ago in an online Photobucket account by someone who found them and was good enough to scan and post them.  Many on here will have seen them already.

I sent the original Photobucket guy a note through that site years ago telling him what a find he had for us Triumph folk, and asking if we was willing to share the photos (for which he claimed copyright).  I never heard back from him.

The TR Register Spain guys did a nice job tracking the original sites of many of the photos.  (The original Photobucket gallery is all jumbled up between the UK, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, and Switzerland).

The original gallery has 358 photos.


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Here's how the 1958 American Triumph Rally of Europe was written up in the US Triumph Sports Owners Association newsletter:



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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your answer.
There are more photos in the article than those of the Flickr gallery (376 photos), where they were published 10 years ago.  We found a 1958 Rally TR3 survivor and we talked with the owner and there are some photos of the car as well. Anyway,  I contacted the Flickr folk too with no answer but those are 1958 copies at least here in Spain they are old enough to be copyright free.

Of course one of the most important source of information were the TSOA newsletters as featured in the article.

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24 minutes ago, Leonardo said:

...Flickr gallery (376 photos), where they were published 10 years ago...  ...those are 1958 copies at least here in Spain they are old enough to be copyright free...

Yes -- Flickr, of course, not Photobucket.  Were it Photobucket we'd have probably lost the photos with their onerous change in terms of service a few years ago.

I'm glad you guys can use the photos -- they're really quite good, and much more than simple snapshots.  The original person who took them was a real photography enthusiast.

Apologies, Leonardo, if I double-posted the TSOA newsletter images.  I must have missed them in your original article.

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Many thanks Leonardo & Don.

Now hands up those who have seen the factory films of the event.   

Peter W



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Are those films available someplace, Peter?

My hand is down, alas...

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This one shows the arrival @ London Airport, the staged car handover and the run out to the Bull Hotel @ Gerrards Cross.

Look out for the TR3 with rear wheel spats.


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TR2/3/3A/3B Forum

See: "TR3 KST 277 update 28 AUGUST 2021"

My TR3 took part in the first 1957 Triumph Rally of Europe. It was the following number, no. 5, as the photograph avers!

This thread also includes my account of (a reconstruction) of the Triumph Rally of Europe, based on the information and facts available in the American Triumph Club newsletters (and there is a second film linked too).

Thanks to Brydon, I was able to include more details.



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The 1959 American Triumph Rally of Europe lunch menu in Coventry, with a bunch of autographs from rally participants, S-T staff, and some of the suppliers.  This one's in my collection of ephemera.  I'll bet some of our folks here will recognize some of the signatures.





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