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Head gasket oil leak - can it be fixed

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10 hours ago, stuart said:

They do make a difference in keeping your engine cleaner.


No discussion there, Stuart.


It is going back on. Will place it further down where it isn't so in the way.

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On 9/6/2021 at 5:33 PM, Waldi said:

Hi John,

Yes, ideally the flame trap should be self-draining back to the engine, but the connection to the valve cover is horizontal and the rubber pipes are straight, not angled, so the ideal orientation (vertical) cannot be achieved unless you modify things. To help the self-draining, I made the pipe from flame trap to plenum a bit longer, so it bends more upwards. Now at least the condensed oil (mist) in the second pipe drains back to the engine.

I installed a new flame trap during my resto, it appeared to be good quality and is relatively cheap.


Exactly what I just did.

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