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Hood stowage cover . Tr 5

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Thanks for the info Peter, my hood has a row of press studs along the rear edge which attach the tonneau cover , I assume these will also fit the hood cover . 
Rimmer’s have a cover for a Tr6 hood but it’s made to order so I need to double check it will fit , I guess no returns. 

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I recently bought one for my 4A from Don Trimming: http://www.donhoods.com/

They are the company that makes them (probably supply the big parts people?). The product was great quality and good value.

The 4A has 7 'pointy' type studs along the back and 3 normal press studs along each side. Don Trimmings supplied the hood cover with the press studs and eyelets separate for me to attach myself. I guess thats because their position could vary slightly from car to car. I managed to fit mine using a simple drift/punch of the correct diameter and a hammer, with a piece of wood underneath to stamp out the holes, the studs/eyelets can then fitted and peened over quite easily.

If your not sure which cover you need just give them a ring - they know their stuff.


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41 minutes ago, Trumpy said:

Thanks folks , mine seems slightly different in that it has normal press studs along the rear edge . Pics attached. 



Yes thats the difference between 4a and 5/6. 4A has lift the dot and 5/6 are press studs, if your buying a new one then usually there are none fitted so depending on what car your fitting it to you use the relevant fasteners accordingly.


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