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There is a “fashion” leather strap sold which has stick on patches either end under the leather strap with “ blind” rivets to imitate an original strap restraint system… without drilling or messing with paintwork.

Mick Richards

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39 minutes ago, roger murray-evans said:

Or, if an earlier TR2 with the cable operated spring pins, which can be very prone

to letting go of the bonnet altogether.If you only have aeroscreens fitted this can

be quite painful!

Roger M-E

i was thinking the same...but these straps really hold enough the bonnet?

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Weren't bonnet straps required at Le Mans in the 1950s (and earlier)?  

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In the late 1950s, a friend owned an 1172cc Ford, with the good old side valve engine.  We were on a minor car rally somewhere in Hertfordshire, travelling down a fairly narrow country road, so not at great speed, when the bonnet rose up and came to rest against the windscreen.

David managed to come to a halt without hitting anything, the screen was undamaged, and we managed to make the bonnet secure and continued on our way.

Ian Cornish

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On 7/23/2021 at 3:15 AM, Lebro said:

Didn't Hoges TR3S replica suffer a half detached bonnet during a race a couple of years ago?


Here's another one to add to Rod's post.


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In my tenure OGB 800 had a bonnet episode. I was easily distracted and one day I forgot. Next thing you know, I''m driving down from Mill Hill, London, when it flies over and luckily the kind lady driver stopped in good time. So I strung it up and went to Manor Road, Cox and Buckes who did a fab job. 

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