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Blanking plate TR3A right hand side

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I have been trying to find out by which commission number the blanking plate in the firewall was omitted. Bill Piggott doesn't mention it in his TR2-3A book, I expected by 60K,as that was a big change. So maybe be possible. But haven't been able to find docs on it.





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My 3A was almost the last one off the line and has the blanking plate…… Therefore, Gert, unlikely it was ever omitted during 3A production….. (unless Triumph ran out five cars from the end!)

Basis all 3B’s had the steering wheel on the ‘wrong’ side that’s a different story?

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It was deleted for US export L/hand drive cars after 60K I think.


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Not sure what blanking plate is being referred to, but I bought my car as a LHD ‘59 TR3A TS51495. (Purchased from a USAF Sgt. in Athens, so I guess it was exported to the US first, then shipped to Athens.)

It did not have a blanking plate on the RH side, meaning that when I converted it to RHD I had to cut the pedal box hoe myself, trying to mirror the LHD hole.


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