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Loton Park hill climb 11/7

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Another round of the club champs at loton park near Shrewsbury tomorrow.

lovely country park hill climb with a good turn out with 8 of us.

I have the oldest car and the least power. both the dolly sprints are full race 150hp+ and the tr7v8 are awesome race and road cars with plenty of v8 grunt. The 6’s even standard have strong torq’y engines.

Hopefully a dry day tomorrow as, to be honest wet sprints and hill climbs are challenging. It’s not like a 50 min circuit race where you can adjust to the grip lap on lap. 
we probably have 1.5 hours between runs. 



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A good dry day but we had some significant delays

The longest whilst they tidied up after this lovely ( was) Jaguar powered OMS single seater 

and another after 1/2 the track was liberally coated with oil on the racing line. Plenty of cement down to soak it up. 

pending rain and a potential hour + wait saw all the triumphs abandon the last run. Many with several hours still to get home. 

I managed a personal best time and beat my bogey time in the one timed run. 


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12 minutes ago, RobH said:

Well done on the PB Hamish.  I guess the water pump held up OK then. 

Thank Rob

yes the new pulley pressed on to my pump held up for 3 and a bit runs. 

I had to back off one run and retake it due to deer crossing the track in-front of me. Not close but backed off as more could have followed the first 2 !!

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