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Accuspark Distributor

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On 1/12/2022 at 10:20 PM, Lebro said:

I would be looking at other possibilities of your missfire before changing the distributor. with the electronic (hall effect) pickup even a sloppy shaft would not make much difference to the timing, as opposed to points which are much more sensitive.

Check HT leads, look for bad or loose connections on the 12 Volt run from ignition switch to coil, check the earth connection inside the distributor etc.


Thanks Bob

I'll try and work through the list. It is an intermittent fault which is notoriously difficult to find and I could spend a lot of money replacing components unnecessarily. It is irritating as the engine running has given no problems since I bought the car which had been the subject of a full rebuild and had covered around 1000 miles only before I bought it, until recently!

I thought it was dirty petrol or some such but that doesn't seem to be the case. I will try a timing light as per Dave's suggestion. In some ways I prefer it when a component 'dies' and you can locate the source of the problem. Intermittent issues are a pain


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My concern with electronic distributors is what happens when the unit fails. Yes some might offer a range of advance curves which might be useful when selecting the right advance curve. 

Mechanic distributors don’t catastrophically fail, they wear and become less efficient. Getting the right advance curve requires either specific knowledge of the engine build parameters or a distributor swing on the rolling road and the dizzy being modified to suite. But for a standard engine, the curve has been known since before it rolled off the production line.

Get yours rebuilt and stick an electronic module in it. If the module fails get the points out of the boot or if you use a cheapie module like Accusparc rather than a pricey Luminition you can keep a spare in the boot.

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+1  I have a Distributor Doctor refurbished mechanical one fitted with the  Pertronix Hall effect unit. Also have a spare in the glove box just in case !


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