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Spa Summer Classic

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had a race weekend with TR4 and TR8. My laptimes in the 8 were too slow but I guess this comes from not driving that car at high speeds for almost 2 years:



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don't you just love to see a TR pass a 911 or a few.

they can kid themselves they are not holding you up until you pass them and disappear into the distance.


great stuff Christian

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You are very kind.

The best I did last weekend was a 2:48.8.....but I can do a 2:44.3.....and the plan was to go down on a 2:42.....which failed completely.

But I wasn't the only one who struggled that weekend.

Hope I find my performance.


And yes, I enjoy to be Porsche poison.

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The last race was a slicks in rain experience.

During pregrid it started heavy raining. All cars went back in the paddock and changed on rain tires. Unfortunately my rains weren't properly inflated and it would had took too long for me to change...I would have missed the start.

So I stayed in place and hoped for the best.....but the whole race was very wet and slippery. But I wasn't last. I managed to overtake 2 cars.

Quite scary to drive 130 mph on a wet track on slicks.



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hey at least you get some seat time must be nice to get into a rhythm over a few laps.

but the added risk is the others taking you off ............

i get about a minute a run as a one off and can't get that corner right "next time"

i have a lot of respect for F1 in qualifying !!

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That’s a good result in a fast group of cars. 
it will come back to you CM

and you have them all in your mirrors. 

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1 hour ago, MadMarx said:


Love the 1600 Escort in 8th place, he did well!


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2.49 on slicks in the wet is still a good time Criss.   How did the TR4 drive go ,we all know how you can make that fly.

Stuart you should see the spec of the escorts and will understand why they fly.


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Always good to take ready to go cars back home. There where people who had less luck.

I saw a Elan rolled over and also a Lotus Sunbeam on the roof. Many red flagged races from crashed cars.

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9 hours ago, MadMarx said:

Seems the F1 drivers should be replaced with CSCC and Triumph Competition drivers at Spa.

We would give them a race for the money.

I have yet to see the laps done on a recorded highlight. 

but I think I am with Lewis ( I know he had a vested interest) to call it off and refund the attendee fans.

I know tv rights is all in F1 but yesterday’s happenings can’t have satisfied the TV companies either. 

but both race rules and probably commercial rules meant that 2 safety car laps  meant they could call it a race and award points. Very sad.


Christian, you know Spa. Would you really think it would have been safe to race in the conditions yesterday ? Especially with the rooster plumes of spray these cars produce. May be more about visibility rather than grip ? ( but then look at Norris)



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It was purely to protect F1 from having to repay its advertisers and broadcasters.

F1 has a travelling circus of metorologists with radar, all the bells and whistles.  They are supplied by UbiMet ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubimet) to inform the teams of weather on the way, so they must have known that the rain would continue.      They were supposed to hold the race in a three hour window, to satisfy TV, and they stopped the clock on that, but by 1800, with sunset only two hours away, they had no more flexibility left.      Cancel the race and pay large penalties, or send them out for the minimum of two laps to 'satisfy' the contracts.

Makes no one happy, least of all the spectators.   But the weather has stopped motorsport before.    I was at a North Wales rally a few years ago, when overnight snow and frost on wet ground turned the stages into the traditional skating rink.     Four wheel driver rescue vehicles had to be sent into the stage to get marshals out, as no ordinary vehicles could get through, yet 200 feet lower down - there was no snow!     Spectators got no money back, but then they had paid none, and the competitors just had to put up with lower level stages.


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On 8/30/2021 at 9:13 AM, Hamish said:

Christian, you know Spa. Would you really think it would have been safe to race in the conditions yesterday ? ....


They have these red rain lights....those are visible...nearly blinding bright, even in tight fog or rain.

If I race I don't care about safe. If I want to be safe then I sit on the sofa watching a talkshow about the Kadeshians.

If I sit in a race car I do my best to be fast, keeping that thing on the road and not crashing others.

I drove in drowning rain which made the spare wheels flooding away, tight fog in the night, snow, strong winds, high temperatures and never feared anything. I have this accelerator thing on the right....this is controlling the risk I go.

I would expect that the accelerator in a F1 car can do the same and the drivers have learned to use it.

Means - I don't care the conditions, I go as fast as I can....maybe not winning the race but having fun for myself driving a hell machine.

A matter of attitude.


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Just for comparison, the Malaysian GP, from twenty years ago:

Not the first or the only Malaysian to be near ruined by rain!

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