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Electronic ignition working when wrongly connected !!!

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Cleaned the plugs and checked plug leads late, the night before going on a run on my TR 6 which has an Acuspark electronic ignition unit in the distributor.  It ran badly the next day , losing power as the revs rose and coughing , spitting (Triple Webers). However managed about 100 miles leading a group of friends. Back at home I checked my TR6 and found that had accidently  connected both wires of the ignition module to the negative terminal on the coil (Aldon Flame Thrower). Correctly connected with one wire of ignition unit on pos. terminal of coil and my car got its mojo back !!! . How did it even start let alone manage 100 miles at reasonable speeds?

Can anyone out there explain how this is possible?

P.S       Don't fiddle with your car late at night when tired !!!!!!


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There is voltage on the negative coil connection at some point in the firing cycle - in fact it could be considerably in excess of 12v for a very short while as the ignition fires.  It sounds as though the Accuspark was able to use that to sort-of-function, though very much by luck rather than design. Perhaps an internal capacitor was able to charge from it just enough to provide sufficient power  - and the hall-effect device itself actually doesn't need any power to switch, it just conducts when the magnet passes.  I think you were fortunate that the Accuspark is a pretty simple switching unit with no fancy processing going on.  Anything more complicated may have been damaged by the wrong connection. 

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