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3 sisters (Wigan) sprint Sunday 13/6

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Another round of the club championship 3 sisters 2 lap sprint at Wigan. 

only 3 of us in the class a full race prep’ed dolly sprint, a TR7v8 and my 3a. 
got my work cut out there then !!! :rolleyes:

full entry list here 


and this is the course.



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A test for the tyres and my heat exchanger I think



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Looks like you will need sticky tyres and use of all the track width.   Hope it is all properly coned or you might also need a sat nav!

Have fun

Peter W

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Peter 

And I thought curborough figure of 8 challenged my brain!

they don’t paint the track those colours so I will have to remember :D

very tight and twisty track so today I’ll be fitting my road legal sticky 185/55x15 tyres

and this with my 4.1:1 diff will give me the ratios to get me off the line ok  

I’m changing to 2nd just outside the 2nd time beam at 64ft if they have that one here seems standard though.

should be about 2.5 sec to there.


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Great day but hot. 
lots of runs

class results here


shaun in his full race dolly sprint 1st with best time 88.31

Hamish 2nd TR3a 89.35

peter 3rd TR7v8 (first event) 105.31

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57 minutes ago, BlueTR3A-5EKT said:

Good results Hamish, you must be pleased.

Yes it was a good day and to be soooo close to shaun’s time given the difference in cars and that he is such a good driver is a real bonus

whilst Peter is in a 3.5L v8 it is standard road going that he drove to and from the event in and his first one. So he was on a very cautiously steep learning curve. But he enjoyed the day I think that was the main thing.


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