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The control valve on the rear of the cylinder head never cut-off the feed to the heater,  So, in order not to get baked in the summer, I inserted a cut-off valve, of the type used to isolate water supply to washing machines & dishwashers, between the control valve on the rear of the engine and the feed to the heater.

In warm weather, I just turn the valve to "off".

The cockpit then is warm rather than roasting!

Ian Cornish

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I fitted the TR4 type valve while building my TR3a. Unfortunately the new valve will not fully turn off, it being very stiff right at the end of the travel. I have to open the hood and turn it the last bit by hand, however with the fan off and the flaps closed it is bearable until I get chance to fully turn it off.


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On my TR3a I leave my heater valve on the head open all the time. I can’t recall ever being too hot although I do only have the original ‘grannies breath’ heater fitted. In summer the hood is usually off and the heater doors closed. 

Rgds Ian

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+1, same here, valve always open.

Without the fan going virtually no heat escapes from my original Smiths  unit, but with the fan going it is quite effective.

I hav almost never opened the vent, it does not seem to provide any benefit


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I previously thought that opening the vent directed airflow through the heater. But apparently it doesn’t ??!!

I sometimes use the cab heater to reduce engine temps.

dad used to say cook the driver not the engine. And if the heater runs cold you are out of coolant !!!!

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+1 to running with heater valve open.....T7 Heater no issues. Its only when the fan is running that it gets too toasty!

Unfortunately my original Smiths heater needs massive surgery which it will get one day.


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Posted (edited)

Last war paint.

The front mask is in paint and the frog is going to stop the lipstick... :rolleyes:




And what dashboard ! :ph34r:


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New photo
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I like the white grill surround and was considering it on my 3a but I think that highlight really suits the small mouth car.

a 10dial dash !!:wacko: sharing with the passenger helps.

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