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White TR5 ??H 910G

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Hi all

I have dropped a note to Roger Ferris but thought I would also try here - I recently discovered that my father-in-law (now deceased) used to own a TR5 and I was wondering if it was still around and in the register.

I was going through some old slides from 1971 with my wife and there were pictures of a white TR5, registration ??H 910G (unfortunately the first part of the plate is obscured by my 6 year old wife and her brother!). 

If it is still on the road I’m more than happy to send on scans of the slides if the current owner is interested.




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Hi Steve,

if you go on the Gov't werbsite that shows details of registrations then start at AAH 910G - and then work through the permutations.

There are 400 (20 x 20) combinations.  At say 1 minute per combination that will give you a good evenings entertainment. 3Hrs 20min.

My TR4A  was originally XJH 10E  - XJ seems popular so start there  Just checked and it isn't XJH 910G (10/7/21)


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Thanks guys - apologies for the delayed reply, but for some reason I've not been getting notifications on this.  Roger Ferris has also been very helpful and I see he's also put a note in the latest edition of TR Action. I'm going to see if I can dig out any more photos next time up up at the mother-in-law, hopefully showing the full number plate!




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