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Gudgeon Pin Diameter

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Could someone please tell me what the diameter of a gudgeon pin is on a 6 cylinder engine.

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Hi Roger,

Thx for the quick reply.

The reason that I need the info is because of a rattle in the engine of the attached car.

Because spares for the engine are very limited a lot of improvisation is needed.

So how to turn a Talbot engine into a Triumph hybrid........

Triumph 2000 Mk1 pistons.

Arrow conrods machined to take shell bigends.

Triumph Spitfire bigend shells. Two sets in each rod due to the width of the journal.

New cam by Kent......profiles as per Brabham Viva.

It has always been a bit top end noisy which I put down to tappets but now suspect small end bush wear.

Looks like a strip down to find out but now I know the size, I can get a reamer on order and some Triumph bushes.





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Hi Roger,

A Fergy crank would be a bit short. The 6 cylinder Talbot crank is machined out of a triangular forged billet. I have a factory movie of the turner machining it on a lathe that was probably 20 years old in 1933. The cost of a TR crank would probably pale into insignificance compared to getting someone to make a Talbot one...do-able though.

Note TR in the background keeping an eye on things.

The Fergy continues to plod on....I doubt that even a nuclear explosion could stop it working.....



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