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Gearbox tunnel rubber seal

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What is the general consensus on where to glue the rubber seals for the fibreglass gearbox cover, along both sides and over the bulkhead and handbrake tunnel.

Glue to the fibreglass tunnel or glue to the bodywork?

Wherever it is positioned, what glue is recommended.

Dave McD

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Just a different experience to Chris

The PO had used a good amount of sealant/adhesive  in attaching the rubber seals to the chassis floor.  When I had to remove the cover for the engine rebuild, I found a real mess on the floor and a perfectly clean cover - it took days to remove and clean that mess.  I cursed during the entire process and vowed not to repeat and have my son (or me) face the same problem.

For the replacement two piece cover I chose 12 mm dense glazing foam attached to the cover first, and with the cover having to come on and off several times during the fitment process, the foam stayed in place and sealed down to the same height as the rubber seal.  Either way, even if the rubber seal is used with adhesive, it would still be best to apply the seal to the cover and let it cure before installing



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Stick it to the cover and pierce the holes for the fitting bolts before fixing the cover.


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13 hours ago, Dave McDonald said:

Thanks Stuart, what adhesive would you recommend?


I normally use the same one I use for all the trim and fitting hoods etc, this one https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/1263/heat-resistant-adhesive


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