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Thoughts on redesigning the front appearance of my applegreen TR2

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I am currently considering to redisgn the front appearance of my apple green TR2, to give it a more "rally look".

My idea is,

  • to detach the bumper,
  • to attach...
    • an anti roll bar (e.g. this or this, which one is correct?)
    • a sump gard (e.g. this one from Racetorations (damn, it is expensive))
  • to lower the Marchal spot lights and attach them similar to this picture

What are your thoughts on that idea (especially when looking at my apple green TR2)?




tr2_ (16).jpg

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Your car looks delightful as it is.

I have always feared not having a bumper and over-riders as today's motorists 'park by ear' and could end up pushing your auxiliary lamps into your front apron.

I have admired your clock on the steering wheel, what method to attach it do you use?.  Mine simply clips through the bottom spoke. I suspect your clock is a stop watch, mine is simply to tell the time.  My clock cost under £5.00 delivered on ebay  

Peter W



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Thank you @BlueTR3A-5EKT for your words. :-)
I am still not sure about my fron appearance "project" - this is why I am interested in your thoughts.

The stop watch is a 'Hanhart Addition Timer 1/5 sec'. These are widely available on ebay and offer great value for money.

It is attached with a stopwatch clip, like this one.
(Since it was not possible to attach this stopwatch clip directly to my steering wheel, I added a small metal braket clamp behind it.

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looks really good as it is and you have some nice touches already such as the spots and the aston style (?) filler

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Apple green side-screen TR is exceptional anyway and your car is a beaut. B)   If she were mine I might find a 1950's period car club badge and an AA (other breakdown services are available) and otherwise I like fabric half doors which I feel make the car look and feel lived in rather than so pristine.  

A sump guard and anti-roll bar would be mostly lost in the shadows, so unless necessary I wouldn't bother with those.  And as for removing the bumper and lowering the spot lamps, I think you'd change the look but not necessarily for the better.. However easy enough to try for a few months and to put back on as and when.

For the rally look ..put a diagonal cross of black tape on the headlamps  .. but you'll have to watch the budget - electrical tape is really expensive :D


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22 minutes ago, Bfg said:


For the rally look ..put a diagonal cross of black tape on the headlamps  .. but you'll have to watch the budget - electrical tape is really expensive :D


or go for some wire mesh stone guards on the lights


but its your car you can do as you like  --  but it is soooooo nice i wouldn't do anything that you can't easily reverse.

mine is not pristine or original so i mind less that i am bu@@ering it about - as my dad would have said :D:rolleyes:

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If you have H4 head lamps.....To match the spot lamps and pretend you are competing in France - use GLB476 bulb.

Yellow halogen H4 twin filaments



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You’re a bit out of touch Peter. Yellow light bulbs were no longer necessary from 1 January 1993.

As a point of historical info, it was the German occupant who imposed yellow light bulbs on the native French cars in order to distinguish them from their own. 
Heaven knows why they continued for so long afterwards!


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9 hours ago, Lebro said:

Yep, if it aint broke -----


Yep. It is a great looking TR2.

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Here is a photo of my car from 2014. Couldn't afford a front bumper at the time (still can't). 

Have had a lot of comments from other TR members that it looks good and sets it apart from all the others.

Personal choice though.


Copy of Copy of whg anniversary 1-11-14.jpg

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18 minutes ago, R.M. said:

I think the phrase is, gilding the Lilly, nice colour, methinks you are just fishing for compliments though,

That was not my intention, at all. I did not expect compliments when asking this question.
In my eyes, the blinky chrome bumper somehow contradicts to the "rally appearance" and details such as Aeroscreens, Aston fuel filler cap, TOW arrows, leather bonnet straps, spot lights.
But maybe, I am wrong and it should leave it as it is.

Another idea of mine is, to put on some rallye numbers (sides +bonnet +trunk), either only the white circles, or with the additional black number:

(Photoshop illustration)

What do you think of that idea?
Too flashy?

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try going bumperless 

easy to do and easy to fix angle iron light brackets to the bumper fitting holes ?

You can go number roundals 

the likes of demon tweeks do the stickers that I use. 

Motorsport UK our motorsport governing body frown on using comp numbers on the road.  We need to cross them out. 

i know different car but these are the different bumperless looks



windscreen / hardtop




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Hi Tobi,

Don't change a thing, your car is perfect as is!

I don't regret fitting a roll bar for safety's sake (daily driver and valuable little passenger) but it defintely spoils the lines and looks of the car

Your IG photos have often tempted me to refit a front bumper too... I think it looks better with than without!




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... front? Oh, see what you mean !!:huh::huh:. Rear on the front.

Must engage brain quicker.




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I never understand this "rallye look" idea. If you are not competing then do you really need a sump guard, for example. Putting numbers on when you don't compete seems daft and as Hamish says is frowned upon. When I competed in the UK many years ago I seem to remember that you could lose your result if you were driving around after a rallye with the numbers still on.

Take off the bumper if you wish, why not. I don't have them on my TR3A  nor my Healey 100.

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A skid shield (NOT a sump guard) will stiffen the chassis, which is no bad thing.

If fitting stone guards to headlamps, make sure you purchase stainless steel as the chromed variety soon deteriorate.

Lovely car!

Ian Cornish

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4 hours ago, Lebro said:


Another option is to fit some rear overriders to give some protection. (Photo is of Martin's car from our TVG)


that is a good look, especially as they sit either side of the grill and frame it nicely



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   That's a really nice car as it is but I can see that without bumpers it might compliment the look you are after. You would get a good idea of what it would look like if you take them off for a bit. I can see the numbers add to the look as well. It is all personal choice and you will get 100 opinions. I would do what you think works for you, but try not to do anything that isn't reversible as 3ven our tastes change over time and we end up looking for something different. 

     I do like the back bumper on the front. They look as if they belong there. 


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