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Indicator warning lamp fault - electronic type flasher for LED bulbs

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I had some issues with my flashers when I went down the led route. I thought there was a problem with the indicator switch and gave that a thorough clean with switch cleaner (not WD40!). Duncan at Classic car leds was very helpful. Here is one of his replies:

"Just a thought, the TR4 wiring for the tell tale can be wired either straight off the flasher relay P tab and then to earth or between the left and right indicator circuits.  If it is the latter this can pass current to the opposite side exterior LEDs and make them flash faintly.

Can you check this wiring to see which way it is wired.  If it is between the left and right circuits and not off the flasher relay, take the bulb out of the warning light and see if it cures the problem.  If it does, a quick re-wire to run it off the P tab then to earth should cure the issue.

If the tell tale is already powered off the P tab on the flasher then the switch is the likely source of the problem".

BTW I had replaced the relay with a new one suitable for LEDs

Don't know if this is any help. Hope I'm not muddying the waters.


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