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Testing a fuel tank sender

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Good afternoon 

a question for you - having just bought a used fuel tank for my TR4 restoration how can you test the sender unit before installation - currently the body is still off so no wiring loom or gauges to assist !

Thanks on anticipation 





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Do you have an Ohmmeter Alan?  If  so measure  the resistance from the sender output to its body. With the arm up (tank full) there should be a resistance of around 20 Ohms or so.  Lower the arm slowly and check that the resistance increases evenly with no jumps. When the arm is fully down the resistance should be about 240 Ohms. 

The actual resistance values may vary a bit. The important thing is the even change with no jumps. 

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Agree with above if it was A tr2/3, but a tr4 should (I think) have the bimetalic strip type of gauge, powered from a voltage stabilizer, & the sender works the other way round. Low resistance at the full end, & high when empty.


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