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Hi all - I want to access the technicalities cd but realised I don’t have a machine to play it on!

Is it available online or do I need to ask various relatives and friends for an “old” laptop.

thanks and stay safe 

Cheers Neil

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4 hours ago, RogerH said:

...................or ask a question here




Probably the quickest and best option.

You'll get loads of suggestions, most based on the experiences of those replying

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Hello Neil.

If you own a copy of the CD obtained by honest means, then no need to borrow a friends laptop, just get them to make a USB stick copy and destroy the CD.

If the CD was not obtained by honest means, then just destroy it .



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Thank all - legally obtained so I’ll go the stick route!

I’m just trying to avoid asking stupid and obvious questions and overloading kind forumites (is that even a real word? )

cheers all Neil 



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Years ago, when I received my Technicalities CD from the club, I copied the whole contents of the CD onto my computer's hard drive - it's so much faster when I want to access an article or to check something.

Ian Cornish

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James, you exaggerate - there were a great many excellent contributions from Ian Gibson and Pete Cox during my time as Tech Ed, and, of course, those marvellous drawings by Neil Revington.

But yes, I did scribble rather a lot, and it was longhand onto paper in those days, with Val typing for the newsletter/magazine.

Some of the contributions were so badly written - English usage, spelling, grammar and legibility - that I had to re-write them, which was rather a pain.

Will Monsieur Macron be allowing you to start moving about sometime soon, or is the 3rd wave going to force even greater restrictions upon you?

Best wishes, Ian Cornish

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