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Some advise please

Changing the steering wheel on my 1967 4A from a nice shiny new woodrim 14" Motolita back to the "original" PVC covered 15" wheel, I think it will look better make the steering somewhat easier even if it does brush my legs on occasion, can I adjust the angle even a little?

Question is I'm not 100% convinced the wheel that came with the car is original having looked at the usual Classic car parts suppliers images the steering wheels all seem to have the multiple chrome wire spokes, mine has the solid silver three spoke arrangement with a long slit in each of the spokes so was this and original fitting?

 I have a small problem in as much as I have lost the original horn push (the smaller version) not a huge problem as I will borrow the one from my MK4 Spitfire.

Thanks all.


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I do not think the 1" difference will make the "steering easier"

A lot of guys deliberately change to aftermarket steering wheels because of better looks and comfort.:)

Changing the angle is problematic. As you know, there is  in/out adjustment of the column, but that affects the "collapsible" length.


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No, that's not original. Original TR4/A is the banjo type 16'. Many tall drivers have swapped the original TR4/A for a GT6/Spitfire/Herald banjo type with deeper dish, hence improved comfort.

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Thank your replies gents, I will try the wheel the the car had prior to restoration (the 15" wheel) and see how I get on. If it does help I can always change back to the smaller wood rim wheel. heaven only knows how the Southend old bill managed to use them as traffic cars with a 16" wheel.

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