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Jack or Jill .. Low-Profile .. High-Lift .. Trolley ??

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Hello Ian,


I do agree that they are not perfect.

I was just adding another suggestion to the pool.

It does not look as if the jacking up bit makes it a lot higher than the ramp.

As for the "US$30 the pair" comment. Bit out, I think.




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Hi Pete, If after all this you are still thinking about a trolly jack then I've just got an SGS 3 Ton low profile one ... less than 4" so will go under the front chassis and a 21" full height lift (oxygen needed by the car at full lift!!) ... solid construction and it weighs a ton!! well around 45Kg, ... so far seems perfect for TR and a good long reach so easy to get under the diff for a rear end lift, all for less than £150.

Cheers Rob

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not a great lover of deep pits to work on cars, I once had to run to the aid of a mechanic who left a car over the pit for sometime and then returned, climbed down and whilst under the car, lite a cigarette. The fuel tank had leaked letting fumes lye at the bottom, there was a "wooomf" noise and he lost all his hair!

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Decision made..,  

For better or for worse I've gone to CJ Autos and bought their 3T low-entry, high-lift trolley jack. . .



^ I recon CJ Auto are probably as sound a business to buy off as any other, insomuch as they actually give an address, a map and a telephone number to contact them on. And they seem to prosper on their innovative products and reputation.  I'm very tired of cyber-world nationals that hide away from direct customer contact.

Anyways up., as you can see the spec is pretty close to what I was looking for ..

Description - Low profile trolley jack

This heavy duty yet low profile garage jack has been developed for users who give high priority to quality and durability. Designed to withstand demanding use in garages and workshops. A must for the home mechanic and serious enthusiast alike. Dual pump pistons for fast lifting action. Bumper pad on the handle to protect the vehicle. Two rear casters that pivot 360 degree for easy maneuverability.

  • 3 Ton low profile trolley jack with double pump action to raise quickly.
  • Lifting Range: 2-7/8" to 19-3/4" (75mm - 500mm)
  • Saddle Diameter: 4.6" (116mm)
  • Handle Length: 45.5" approx.
  • Comes equipped with overload protection safety valve and over pumping prevention by-pass system. This item offers excellent stability. Universal joint release for precision control of load descent in any handle position. Heavy Duty all-welded steel construction.
  • Min. H:   75mm
  • Max.H: 505mm
  • weight: 33kg
  • Please note the saddle / dish is not removable.

And at £108 including delivery, that's as competitive a price as I could find for a low-profile high-lift model. 

Visually, aside from it having no brand-name stickers, it is looks just like the 2T Draper 61829.  And in all but the lifting capacity its dimensional specs are likewise very much the same.  I tend to think of Draper Tools as being mid-budget but also pretty decent quality and reliable, so if the one I've bought is badge-engineered for half the brand-name's price - then I really don't mind. 

In time we'll see if I have "chosen wisely".

Thanks for everyone's input.  If I can find adjustable height car ramps to use with this trolley jack then that would be great, otherwise I'll get some standard cheapo ones and simply be happy that the car is 10 to 12" higher and more secure than I've recently tried to work with.  


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33kg.. double the weight of an aluminium. The max lift height will be less than advertised especially with the the small wheels.

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On 4/5/2021 at 1:37 PM, Bfg said:

very nice Ian but for the £450 a pair.




Absolutely, but they are usually pickupable (should be in the dictionary) for around half that on eBay - I paid £200 for mine.

....... Andy 

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