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TR4A door does not close properly

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The left door of my TR4A hangs down, which results in a bad closing. I can lift the door 10 mm upwards by the handle without the car moving itself. As can be seen in the attached photos, both taken from the same position, there is a crack in the sheet metal. The second picture gives more detail.
How is this best repaired?
Probably this will involve welding. What tips can be given to a garage that is not familiar with a TR4A door?
Do new reinforcement pieces have to be made which are then welded into the opening to be made?
Is a proper repair possible without having to repaint the door panel?

Thanks for any input.


TR4A Crack in door 1.JPG

TR4A Crack in door 2.JPG

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Looks like a stress fracture and it probably goes under the door hinge.

I would think that the door needs to come off, the hinge removed and the paint cleaned off to see how weak/rusty the fractured metal is

It then needs rewelding or new steel  to replace the weakened fractured metal.

It might be time to source a new door

It all depends on what is behind the paint around the cracks

Good luck

Michael H

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Hi Jean-Marie,

I agree with both the above posts.

I had the same thing on my 4A. There is a lot of double skins in that area. Mine were bubbling

A replacement door is a good move.

However it can all be repaired - remove the door. Check the hinges for freedom of movement.

Cut out all the rusty/bubbling metal and simply pop a new piece of skin back in. 

When the rusty bits are removed try and remove any rust and muck. Paint the metal to slow down the rusting process. 

Paint strip the cracked area and beyond.  I think a repaint may be on the cards.



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If the car is  safe and the door closes I would drive the car until he has time and space to correct it


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