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Throttle releasing response on Pi

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Hello everyone, 

While driving my 69 Pi today, I noticed that on throttle release, the rpms didn't go down as fast as usual. They do go down, no big issue, but much smoother than what I was used to... No issue otherwise, engine is fine from idle to high rpm range. Is it (eventually :)) a good health sign or is it some issue slowly growing up? In this latter case, what would be your usual suspects, things to check, in priority orders? From simple throttle cable to leaking injector or stuck butterfly, I am opened to everything :-)


Best regards, take care! 

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Return springs the likely culprit.

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1 hour ago, Kevo_6 said:

Throttle linkage return spring broken or weakened maybe!

Hi :-) I looked at it after my drive, not broken but weakened may be sth to control! Thanks :-)

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