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I hope someone can advise me, I am currently fitting a new soft top to the surrey top on my 4a.

My question is, should there be rubber seal between the metal rear bar which fixes using the two thumbscrews and the top of the surrey top?

The old cover I am removing does have a T shaped plastic part sewn in but it doesn't look right, and I cannot see one in the Moss catalogue.

Many thanks Lee



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Thanks Roger, that's what I thought, I also have the problem with sorting the front fitting out as it has what looks like a TR6 hood front bar fitted

With the two chrome handles, but the frame is a problem fitting to the screen header rail with the hood type front rail getting in the way.

I am sure this topic has been covered on here so I will be doing a search.

Many thanks look forward to your positive answer.





















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Just had a look at mine, this is a mohair surrey by CHT, to be honest I think I've only put it on to try the fit as I usually have the hard top on or have it open, but the soft top sits in the boot for a very slow emergency.   Just a metal bar, in the rear pocket.



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My new top from CHT is exactly as Colin's but the original one that i took off did have a rubber seal across the back as did the one on a friends car in the village. See photos below.




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Hi Lee,

My surrey has a similar strip to Tims original pics..

Unfortunately no makers label..

Doesn't appear particularly water seal design..perhaps wind noise reduction..so you only have to talk very loudly rather that shout at each other when driving..:)

Nigel H


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I just fitted mine and the round feature on the end of the seal is inside the car along the surrey frame, so its a finishing trim for the gap inside rather than a water seal, in my case..


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