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KTA 913E Triumph Tr4A RHD

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KTA 913E  Triumph Tr4A  RHD 1967

Just thought I'd try here to see if anyone knows this car and it's history.

'Katie ' was apparently first registered on 1st July 1967,  is RHD with OD  (according also to the VIN number) and was originally green.  She presently has painted wire wheels, and her seats are black with white piping.

KTA 913E  : This registration was first made available in 1967.,  and the original office for this letter combination (with their second and third letters ; TA) was the Devonshire C.C.


Bob Bell now of Bury St Edmunds (TR Abbott & Stour group) first registered the car in his name in October 1998.  He had moved up from Harold Wood, Romford in Essex in 2001 or 02.  

Mr. Richard Ludlow, from Ramsey, which is between Huntingdon - St.Ives and Peterborough, was the prior keeper / owner.  And apparently it was he started this car's structural restoration (replacing floors, sills, etc).  He acquire the car (or first registered it in his name) in May 1987.   At that time there were six former keepers. 

In time, I'll get a Heritage certificate, and I understand the DVLA can also provide a list of previous owners.  But in the meantime I wondered if anyone here knows anything of this (formerly green) car's history &/or its owners from 'back in the day'.

Very much appreciated,



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I've had no reply, so I thought I'd ask again.,  Anyone know of this car's first 20 years ..1967 to 1987 ?  while still in Conifer Green ?

Thanks, Pete.


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