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TR6 Inertia Seat Belts missing items.

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My newly acquired TR6 has one of the seat belt runners which is bolted to the wheel arch missing.

Does anyone have a redundant seat belt or just this missing part that I can buy from them.



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Hi I know the inertia belts were not supplied by Britax but the company I have always used for the static belts maybe able to help. They are the descendants of the people that worked for Britax in Byfleet that bought the parts and equipment when Britax stopped. They offer a full reconditioning/ remanufacturing service. You can google them for a phone number or an email address they are called FDTS Ltd still in Byfleet. 

They do other belts and may have the exact item or certainly a pair of similar items from the earlier TR6. 


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Here's a link and details:



E-mail: info@fdts-seatbelts.co.uk

E-mail: historical@fdts-seatbelts.co.uk only for Historic and Classic components

Telephone: +44 (0) 1932 342043

F.D.T.S Ltd.

Highfield Works,
Rear of 1-3 Parvis Road,
West Byfleet Corner,
West Byfleet,
KT14 6LP

Looks a useful supplier

Cheers Rich

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