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If I remember rightly, my 16th birthday centred around mucking out the stables, treating my battered old Series III Landy to an oil change, and drinking too much homemade wine with my girlfriend at the family dinner that evening.

Fun. But not quite as impressive as taking to the skies in a vintage kite on your first solo.

With a name like "Sky", I reckon it's safe to assume she will be following in the footsteps of two mighty proud aviators.


Cheers, Deggers

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Excellent. I loved the bit where she had a look around & smiled to herself, brought back memories of my 1st solo in a glider, you got through the tricky launching bit, & got the ac nice & stable, then you look around & think gosh, I'm on my own, & I can do what I want. (within reason of course)


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Really good landing with the stall warning coming on as she flared out for a perfect three pointer.

I remember that first solo feeling very well. They trusted me to fly this on my own!  Flying never had the same feeling after that.


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