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I have just recently gone the led indicator lamp route, sourced bulbs and a replacement flasher unit.

All was going swimmingly as this is not a hard project so I thought.

All done and left hand worked fine on test but right hand made the left hand come on at half brightness.

Damm - all bulbs out but left a 1 left side repeater in and same thing with no LEDS in at all.

Only seems to work when I take the dash indicator lamp out.

Its not a complicated wiring system - any ideas what has gone wrong?


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The TR6 uses a slightly strange wiring arrangement for the indicator repeater, in that the polarity across the repeater changes over with left/right indication.

so ordinary leds will not work

you can either use the original bulb or a specially made double led

i have the led and it works very well, and is nice and bright


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If you replace the standard dash lamp you will probably find that both sides flash together, one side bright and the other side dim  This is because the bulb gets its earth through whichever set of lamps is not powered, and the earth current for the incandescent lamp is enough to light up LEDs. 

Another way to do it:


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20 minutes ago, Paul Herts said:

Now just need to find a plug in one!

Not sure what you mean. The LED is admittedly screw-in (GLB987, as is original), but it is "plug'n'play" otherwise. Have you changed the bulb holders to bayonet? It's also only £3 (plus P&P I expect) so maybe worth trying?

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2 hours ago, JohnC said:

Classic Car LEDs sell a special LED for the repeater lamp in the speedo: INDICATOR WARNING BULB. Mind you, I'm only assuming it will solve your problem as my conversion kit hasn't arrived yet.


This is the way to go, just screws in and works.

the Litezupp link Rob provided is also viable, but much more work.


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Investigating the Classic Car LED option although that means changing the lamp holder as mine is a plastic bulb holder with a push in wedge type bulb. Non original I know and assume was added when the car was re-wired probably due to the need to isolate the bulb holder from the chassis/earth.

Obtaining an isolated bulb holder with two terminals may be the issue.ind.thumb.jpg.6c3c1bfeb3a77a87c7fe4bd40577864c.jpg

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They do a wedge-based bi-directional coloured dash bulb. You probably need a coloured one to match the lens because white LEDs are not broad-spectrum :


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