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I’ve added electric fuel pump, electric fan, heated seats, cig lighter plug for the Navi, overdrive and it could be I have forgotten something. I don’t remember exactly how I hooked it all up. It didn’t look nice but it all works and I’m glad it’s hidden behind the dash. The car is now negative ground with alternator.

I’m planning to open that can of worms and re-do it the way it should be done, with fuse box, fuses with proper values and wire gauge, etc. as necessary. 

Can anyone suggest a wiring diagram with fuse box, etc. Picture would be appreciated too, of course. Original appearance under the bonnet isn’t important. 

I have the original correct wiring diagram for the TR3A.

Thanks. Paul 

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I don`t know why, but I keep getting images of a Spirograph drawing of a birds nest in my mind.


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Tony Thomson produced a super wiring diagram for his TR4A back in 2008.  His layout is simple (power at the top, earth at the bottom) and very easy to follow.

I'm hoping that Tony might read this and respond to you.

Ian Cornish

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Miles A sent really good diagram and a picture. Much appreciated too. I’m now looking for someone to blame for the mess in case there is a witness around when I open the “lid”. Will see if I can locate the Tony Thomson info. The simpler, the better. Paul

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I would also like a copy of your wiring diagram if you don't mind sending it.

I am in the process of rebuilding a 1957 TR3A and at the wiring stage. I bought the car in bits and boxes.

The old loom is a mess, I have the instructions book and the original diagram is there but I'm always interested

in simpler if possible.

Thank you



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This is my take on wiring in my TR2, fuses are hidden under the blinding plate for RHD steering and the relays are on the back under the dash, there was a need for some cutting and modifying of the new loom. I use the old fusebox as main fuses, also needed to add a diod in the wire to the charging warning light to be able to stop the motor running after adding the main relay. If you  want the file, PM me. More pictures at  Electrics TR2  https://www.ijonsson.se/tr2/diary.php?day=el    Modified wiring TR2 https://www.ijonsson.se/tr2/photo_diary.php?day=el&folder=el&id=wiring_mod

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