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Clutch Lever / Clutch Failure

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Just wanted to share my recent experience so you don't end up doing what I did!

Within the space of 10 minutes I went from a working clutch to not being able to engage any gear. No loss of fluid and lever seemed OK. Checked everything and then noticed the lever was pointing slightly towards the rear of the car. A tell tale sign the clutch fork pin had broken. Gearbox out to reveal everything was intact. Even the additional fitment of an extra bolt at 90 degrees. Resigned myself to putting it back and looking at the hydraulics. Very fortunately on putting it back I noticed the clutch lever wasn't square to the gearbox. On further inspection it was clear the weld had started to fail and the lever had been pushed out at an angle causing the clutch to not release. As you know it doesn't take much loss of lever movement to mean no clutch.

Anyway, just something to look out for in the future, as I may have been able to weld the lever back on, without removing the gearbox.


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Hi Colin

A good spot and thanks for sharing. Your issue might save some one a lot of work and head scratching!


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