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bonet and plenum drains.

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Saw Stuarts pic of his system and I copied it this way.

Using 8mm Rivnuts which fit through the hole at the rear of the front inner wing, and a piece of washing machine "Fill" tube.  (Pack of Rivets in 2nd pic.)

Then another Rivnut at the outer end, it makes for a neat job. I didn't want to start bending the tubes to prevent water ingress from the front wheel,

so I put a plate over the 2 pipes, doesn't look too bad either.  The rubber tube is just a tight fit through the hole.




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I soldered a 15 to 10mm plumbing connector to a brass plate and bonded it to the inner wing with Tigerseal. The drain hose connects to the plenum drain and exits down through the top of the sill and out under the car through the inner face. 



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That's what I'm working on, useful pics vmt. I take it that the stub pipe doesn't foul on the outer wing flange? 


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Here's my version. Developed from, and with acknowledgement to, Stuarts' original.

I had 2 short 10mm diameter steel tubes welded through the baffle plate, projecting slightly proud at the front and longer behind, together with a 1/4" unf captive nut. 

A further piece of the same tube is welded to the inner wheel arch at each end of the scuttle channel.

Rubber tubes from the normal internal plenum outlet and the extra scuttle outlet connect to the two stubs on the baffle plate. A rubber flap on the outside of the baffle plate, to prevent road muck entering, is fixed with one of the standard baffle plate fixings and the extra captive nut.

Lastly a small plate welded onto the bulkhead side panel is used to attach a P clip to hold the new pipe in place to stop it rubbing inside the outer wing. See photos.

Dave McD







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