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TR4 on New Wheeler Dealers

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On Discovery channel last night (11/01/2021). West Coast USA one owner TR4 in BRG stored for 20 years.

Changed - clutch, RMS. Water pump, dynamo, new door skin, new wheels etc - not complete restoration but looked good. Bought for £5000 sold for £12,000. 

Worth watching.


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I wasn't overly impressed to be honest with the programme - the hood and frame was folded down and the whole lot put behind the rear seat squab - I always thought you had to take the hood off the frame before folding it behind the rear squab - that's what I've always done, and I know I wouldn't get the hood behind the seat as well as it's tight enough with just the frame - I hate to think what it did to the precious hood.

And as for importing and fitting a TR6 door skin, well that was just daft in my view - I would happily have panel beaten out the crease/dents and retained the whole of the original door.

I must be on a half empty focus this morning with my nit picking! I'll see if I can find the other half and then that will cheers me up

Cheers hic Rich

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Typically Wheeler Dealers. 40 man hours to bring a 20 year plus stored car back to road use? No mention of the work that must have been done to rebuild brakes/suspension bushes  etc. There was probably a team of mechanics working on the car off camera undertaking these tasks otherwise it would never be safe.

Mind you I can never understand how on many of the American car programs they seem to be able to build/restore cars and just drive out of the workshop, part finished, and drive off into the sun without any official checks?

That said, it looked like a very good sound car and very reasonably priced, seemed to be a bargain.


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